1/16,   1/8,   1/10,   1/4,   1/2,   3/4,   &   Full Size


1/4,   1/2,   3/4   &   Full Size


12″   to    16″



Looking for a “Cheap” violin to test your child’s interest? Here’s why you should rent.

It has been our experience that renting a better quality violin offers a much better chance of success for a beginner. It’s actually possible to purchase something so inexpensively made that the bridges won’t hold position, the strings are difficult to push down and the tuning stability can be non-existent. If you are doubtful of your child’s long term interest, please don’t spoil his or her learning opportunity by buying something so cheap it ruins the entire learning experience. Remember, when a student (of any age) doesn’t sound good, or enjoy playing the instrument they most often assume the problem is their inability, so they quit. They don’t know it’s the instrument that’s bad, not them.

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All of our String Instruments are fully finished by qualified Luthiers.

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