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Bill Jones Music Teaching Studios

Our School has 12 Teaching Studios with glass doors and/or windows to allow viewing from our large spacious waiting areas.  All are kept clean, maintained and supplied to provide our students and families a comfortable and safe experience.  New Yamaha studio pianos and digital pianos are used in our 12 studios.  All pianos are kept tuned and maintained making them a good choice for students to articulate and hear proper tones.

Our onsite, large, 110 seat Recital Hall is equipped with a New Yamaha Grand.  The recital hall is used by our school for group lessons, private sessions and recitals through out the year.

Local music teachers can also rent the Recital Hall at special savings.

Please call us at 865-690-6465 and ask for Marjorie Jones to schedule a time to use our recital hall.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]