Musical Super Saturday

April 4th, 2020

Welcome to your introduction to music classes – a one time, non repeating class to introduce you or your child to various instruments and how they are basically played.

Some classes are age restricted. Any class allowing children under the age of 10. require participation of parent with child.

NO instrument required. Instruments provided at no cost during the class

NO pressure to purchase or enroll in anything. A totally free, no obligation opportunity to try out an instrument you have always wanted to play.

While there is no charge, you MUST reserve a seat as space is limited.  Introductory classes last @ 45 minutes

Class 1…10:00am  Violin, Viola & Cello  (Open to all ages)

Class 2…11:00am  Introduction to Drums and Percussion (Ages 7 & up)

Class 3…1:00 Introduction to Ukulele (Ages 10 & up)

Class 4…2:00 Introduction to Guitar (Ages 10 & up)

Class 5…3:00 Introduction to Keyboard for Adults  (16 & up)

Super Musical Saturday Enrollment
The classes are free but you must fill out the form to hold your spot.