Bill Jones

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I came to Knoxville in 1973 to open a Piano & Organ retail business after my previous employer went out of business with no notice. Hoping this small business would support my family until a real job could be found, no one is more surprised than I am that this humble endeavor haslasted for 43 years. Over […]

Marjorie Jones

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Marjorie and Bill have been married for over 47 years.  After the eight children were grown, Marjorie joined the company on a full time basis, first as a manager of one of our subsidiary businesses, then moving to our main business to become director of our (then new) Music School. Starting from nothing, Marjorie has […]

Daniel Owens

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Daniel started piano lessons at the age of 4 and has never known a life without music. His first piano teacher, Teresa Husky of Seymour, TN, not only gave Daniel the foundation of music, but also showed him how to “Love” music. When he was 11, Daniel won 1st place in a 4-H talent competition […]

Barbara Hall

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Barbara is in her second career, having retired from Oak Ridge National Laboratory after 40 years in accounting. She attended Maryville College on a Voice Scholarship and through the years has had extensive vocal training. She started piano lessons when she was six years old and now plays piano for her church. She also directs […]

Katrina Duval

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Katrina is working on her completion of a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Music. She loves playing piano & learning new songs on her ukulele. Katrina really REALLY enjoys large cups of coffee & watching Neflix in her spare time. Please follow and like us: