Bill Jones

Owner / Founder
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I came to Knoxville in 1973 to open a Piano & Organ retail business after my previous employer went out of business with no notice. Hoping this small business would support my family until a real job could be found, no one is more surprised than I am that this humble endeavor haslasted for 43 years.

Over the years we have had to reinvent ourselves several times. We started in the 70’s selling only pianos and home organs. Today the home organ business is long gone, but we still sell Yamaha pianos, Allen Church organs, Yamaha digital keyboards, Violins, cello’s, Guitars and accessories. Our biggest new expansion started 3 years ago as we became a certified Yamaha Music school which now occupies about 80% of our time and energy. My wife Marjorie runs the school on the lower floor of our building.

We currently operate a full service retail store and music school in Knoxville, with a retail store in Chattanooga and an office in Nashville that specializes in Allen Church Organs. Future plans focus on the expansion of our Music School in all of the markets we represent.

On a personal note, Marjorie and I have been married 46 years, have 8 adult children, 22 grand children and one dog. Pretty much everyone except the dog plays some type of music instrument.

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