Professional Knoxville Music Lessons

Professional Knoxville Music Lessons in the Great Smoky Mountains are available for people of all ages whether you have a grandmother who has just lost her spouse and is looking for new activities, or a six year old that has shown real promise when it comes to music. Professional Knoxville Music Lessons from Bill Jones Music in Knoxville are affordable, and best of all, there are practice studios available for those enrolled.

Taking group or private Professional Knoxville Music Lessons from Bill Jones Music in Knoxville isn’t expensive, especially when you consider that Professional Knoxville Music Lessons from Bill Jones Music are something that you, your grandmother or your six year old can take with you for the rest of your lives.

Professional Knoxville Music Lessons are Affordable

When you enroll in the Bill Jones Music School for Professional Knoxville Music Lessons, you can learn to play just about any instrument. The teaching staff from Bill Jones Music in Knoxville can teach you or a family member how to play the harp or learn how to sing. Professional Knoxville Music Lessons for the trumpet, flute, violin, piano, guitar, organ, cello, viola, bass and the Ukulele from Bill Jones Music are also available.

If you are an adult who has always regretted quitting the piano lessons that your parents were paying for when you were a teen, call and talk to a team member from Bill Jones who can work with you to find the best program for your needs.

Some of the programs available from Bill Jones Music in Knoxville include Music Together classes for your infant and family and classes with the Yamaha Music School. Bill Jones Music is the only place to go if you have always wanted to enroll your kids in the Yamaha Music School.

The Best Facilities

When you or someone you love signs up for Professional Knoxville Music Lessons from Bill Jones Music, you will have access to some of the finest studios in Tennessee. The music school studios are supplied with Yamaha studio or digital pianos that are regularly tuned. All of the musical equipment is well maintained and available for students to use, as the studios are available for both teachers and students 24 hours a day thanks to the special private outdoor entrance. The large and spacious waiting spaces are clean and safe.

The recital hall can hold 110 people and is available for music teachers and of course students. If you would like more information regarding the Bill Jones recital hall, call 865-690-6465 and ask to speak with Marjorie Jones.

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