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*Sold for $11,999* 1998 Yamaha 5′ 3″ Disklavier Player Grand Piano





This is a gorgeous Yamaha 5′ 3″ Grand Piano with a built-in Player System called the Yamaha Disklavier. These are factory-built, not an addon like the Pianomation or Piano Disk systems. Everything is made to work perfectly from the factory! The player aside, this is an amazing piano with a great sound and has a very responsive action for beginners and professionals. When the moment calls for some live music, pop in a disk and let the piano do all work! This sale includes (35) 3.5″ floppy disks from ALL genres of music with 363 total songs! The previous customer paid an average of $30 per disk so the disks alone have a retail value of over $1,000! Price is firm and priced to sell!