Piano Lessons Knoxville Can Help Troubled Teens

Private and Group Piano Lessons Knoxville can take your less than academically inclined teen and turn him or her into a productive, healthy, and happy teenager.

According to Bill Jones Music in Knoxville, boys and girls, regardless of age, tend to be more active in school and that includes reading, writing, and arithmetic when music is put into the equation. Troubled teens that have a hard time concentrating on algebra, may find a way to tap into the part of the brain that can, in some ways, connect the two so that your teen can learn how to play music and excel in math as well.

From infancy to the mid-20s, brains are undergoing constant development. During adolescence, the brain will go through a maturation period where gray matter will drop. Although neurons have been lost, the brain is still becoming more efficient.

Certain areas of the brain will mature faster, such as motor control and information processes coming first. Although genetics also play a part in brain maturation, so do life experiences.

A study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences publication followed 40 first year high school students who joined an ROTC program or attended weekly, three hours, music classes. It was discovered that students who learned music had faster brain maturation with improvement in reading and language skills.

Unfortunately, school, especially high school, music programs are often cut at the first signs of budget woes, but thanks to Bill Jones Music and Piano Lessons, your teenagers can learn how to play the piano, or another instrument giving them brain strengthening exercises that could help stall cognitive decline in the brain in later years. Seniors who play music or take lessons tend to have more memory with less cognitive decline.

In low-income families and neighborhoods, the lack of language development can be improved with Piano Lessons Knoxville. Previous studies have shown that teens that come from lower economy classes tend to excel if given the opportunity for any type of music lessons.

Bill Jones Music in Knoxville has been providing Piano Lessons Knoxville to the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee, but can also give your teen other opportunities to learn how to play music.

Bill Jones Music in Knoxville also offers private flute, drum, and trumpet and guitar lessons. You can even enroll your teen in violin, harp, cello, viola, voice, ukulele, or bass guitar classes.

This year give your teen something to look forward to, while helping those grades at the same time, and call Bill Jones Music for Piano Lessons Knoxville today.

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