Music Lessons Knoxville for Newborns and Seniors

Spring is in the air and that means it is time to sign up for music lessons Knoxville. Bill Jones Music in Knoxville and Bill Jones Music in Chattanooga offer music lessons Knoxville to people all over the Great Smoky Mountains regardless of age. Seniors can learn how to play the piano with Knoxville music lessons while a newborn can learn to appreciate music the minute he or she leaves the womb.

With music lessons Knoxville from Bill Jones Music, you will learn to appreciate one of the greatest gifts in life. Bill Jones Music offers piano, guitar, harp and trumpet lessons, as well as drum, violin, viola, bass, cello, voice, ukulele and organ lessons. Everyone has the chance to experience the joy of music with music lessons Knoxville.

Music really can help a newly retired senior with a new lease on life with private or group music lessons Knoxville. If your dad has just moved in and is driving you crazy, contact Bill Jones Music School for a calendar of classes. Your dad will be able to enjoy those hours he used to spend in front of the TV playing an instrument and loving life again. Best of all, he can practice to his heart’s content, and that doesn’t always have to be on your piano.

The Bill Jones Music School in Knoxville offers students who take music lessons Knoxville their own practice studios. With its own separate entrance, students of Bill Jones Music in Knoxville and Bill Jones Music Chattanooga can take advantage of the Bill Jones Rehearsal Studios Knoxville any time they like. Your dad probably has the advantage of too much time on his hands, so you can bet he will be spending as much time as he can at the practice studios as they are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Don’t be surprised if Dad slips out after midnight to practice his new recital piece.

The Music Together Classes will keep the rest of the family occupied as well. Your newborn may be getting plenty of attention from everyone else, including your newly relocated Dad, and will certainly enjoy the Music Together® Classes from Bill Jones Music in Knoxville and Bill Jones Music in Chattanooga. The Music Together® Program from Bill Jones Music gives families the opportunity to bond through music by listening and playing music together.

Get into spring with music lessons Knoxville from Bill Jones Music Knoxville or Bill Jones Music Chattanooga. You won’t believe how different your family will feel, especially when everyone gathers around the piano for a sing-along with dad at the keyboard.

Call or click for a music lessons Knoxville class schedule today.

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