Music Lessons Knoxville for Brain Stimulation

Music Lessons Knoxville from Bill Jones Music in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee can boost your memory skills and stimulate your brain. A recent study indicated that kids from three to four who were taught how to sing or play the keyboards improved their skill by 34 percent compared to children who had no music lessons. However, that isn’t the only reason you should consider Music Lessons Knoxville.

Mathematical Ability

Reading music involves counting rhythms and notes, which will help with mathematical skills. Students who study the arts, including Music Lessons Knoxville are better at math and get higher grades than students who did not take Knoxville music lessons.

Reading Comprehension

Children who are exposed to music that involves practical and complex musical lessons have increased reading performance. Because music involves comprehension and reading it helps in all aspects. Seeing the notes on the page force the student to recognize the name of the note before translating it to the slide or finger position.

Confidence Builder

Overcoming that challenging piece builds confidence and helps with self-esteem. People who are just learning how to play feel an amazing sense of accomplishment when holding a note or hitting the right pitch.

Stress Reducer

Playing and even listening to music stimulates parts of the brain that help increase joy while decreasing stress. Music lessons in Knoxville can help seniors, teens and even young people relax and enjoy life.

Hand Eye Coordination

Playing an instrument and taking Knoxville Music Lessons from the Bill Jones Music School in Knoxville or the Bill Jones Music School in Chattanooga requires hand and eye coordination. When students read notes, the brain will subconsciously convert the note to motor patterns while adding rhythm and breathing to the mix.

Self Discipline and Perseverance

Taking Music Lessons Knoxville takes time, patience, and effort. Musicians must work through difficult pieces multiple times before learning how to play the song correctly. Practicing and working on the tough stuff requires perseverance and discipline. Musicians are masters of discipline.

Team Work

Cooperation and teamwork is important in all aspects of life, including music. When you take lessons in Knoxville, you will have to work with other musicians to make it work. Bands and orchestras need to work together with every player learning and listening as a team.

If you or someone you know has always wanted to learn how to play an instrument, call or click and talk to a team member from Bill Jones Music who can help you determine what music lessons Knoxville would be best for your needs. Call or click today.

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