Music Lessons in Knoxville Can Help Depression

Music lessons in Knoxville can help you work through problems and help with depression. When you sign up for piano, guitar, violin, or cello lessons, you just may find yourself feeling happy again. Playing an instrument makes you happy and can even give you a reason to smile.

Overcome Depression

According to Bill Jones Music in Knoxville and Bill Jones Music in Chattanooga, music helps overcome even your darkest days and nights. Music helps to express emotions and encourages healing. A recent study proved that music is cathartic, especially playing the drums. Sign up for private drum lessons with Bill Jones Music in the Great Smoky Mountains and you will have flashbacks of when you used to bang on your moms favorite pots and pans.

Inspires Creativity

If you are uninspired, sign up for Music lessons in Knoxville. Knoxville music lessons will help you become more creative. When you listen to music while running on the treadmill, working out at the gym, or writing your blog, music will motivate you. Your mind-wandering mode helps inspire your creativity.

Just Breathe

According to Bill Jones Music in Knoxville and Bill Jones Music in Chattanooga, music slows down your breathing, while speeding up your heartbeat. A slower tempo will relax you while an upbeat tempo will speed up your respiration and your heart rate. By choosing the songs you want to play, you can be in charge of your emotions, and your body.

Learning to play an instrument and taking music lessons in Knoxville may help you lift your spirits. However, that isn’t a reason to give up your depression meds and pick up the trumpet, but when administered along with other types of therapy, playing music can help people who have chronic depression.

According to Bill Jones Music in Knoxville and Bill Jones music in Chattanooga, music affects the human psyche. When you learn how to play the bass, viola, flute, harp, ukulele or any other instrument your brains auditory skills will make it easier to learn other things as well. Music also triggers memories and activates that part of the brain that has a tendency to atrophy.

If you or someone you know suffers from depression, or just needs a little lift, call or click and talk to a team member from Bill Jones Music in Knoxville who can help you come up with a music lessons in Knoxville program that will be perfect for your needs.
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