Knoxville Piano Lessons for Your Budding Star

Group and private Knoxville Piano Lessons are perfect for everyone, but especially your 11 year old who has shown real promise at the keyboard. If your retired music teaching neighbor has gone as far as she can with your talented daughter it’s time to call the team from Bill Jones in Knoxville or Bill Jones in Chattanooga.

Knoxville Piano Lessons for Untapped Talent

Your neighbor may be the greatest pianist in town, but even the best have to sometimes let the student go if they cannot advance. With the teaching staff from Bill Jones Music in Knoxville or Bill Jones Music in Chattanooga, you can be assured that your budding star will have the right tools to advance to the next level with Knoxville Piano Lessons.

Group or Private Knoxville Piano Lessons

If you are considering group or private Knoxville Piano Lessons, it really depends on the goals of your son or daughter, or any other member in your family who has shown talent.

Group lessons may be a great way to introduce your family member to other people. Group lessons are also an excellent way to get your son or daughter to open up. Being shy is uncomfortable, perhaps group Knoxville Piano Lessons could help.

On the other hand, if your family member wants to make music a career, whether teaching or performing, private Knoxville Piano Lessons may be the answer. With Bill Jones Music in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee, the student is getting one on one instruction with the teacher. That may be what you’ll get from the neighbor down the street, but you probably won’t be able to practice whenever you like.

Knoxville Piano Lessons and the Practice Facilities

Serious musicians and people who want to excel for their own reasons love the private practice facilities at Bill Jones Music in Knoxville. Each room has a finely tuned keyboard that is ready to practice when you are, which could be at four in the morning or two in the afternoon.

The practice facilities at the Bill Jones Music School in Knoxville are available to students from both the Bill Jones Music School in Chattanooga and the Bill Jones Music School in Knoxville. Any student who enrolls in a Bill Jones Music School in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee is allowed access to the 24/7 practice studios.

Want to learn more? Call or click and talk to a team member from Bill Jones Music in Knoxville or Bill Jones Music in Chattanooga. Call now.

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