Knoxville Piano Lessons for Well Rounded Kids

Knoxville Piano Lessons from Bill Jones Music in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee will give your child the well-rounded education that he or she needs. Both the Bill Jones Music School in Chattanooga and the Bill Jones Music School in Knoxville offer piano lessons to kids of all ages, even those who have just come into the world.

Music Together Classes from Bill Jones Music

The Music Together Classes give you and your family a true appreciation of music. Through listening, playing and learning together, newborns to seven year olds and their parents or guardians are given the gift of music with one of the most popular music courses on the planet. The Music Together Classes from Bill Jones Music in Knoxville are one of the best things that you can give your entire family. Ask about enrollment with the Bill Jones Music Together Classes.

The Yamaha Music School

If you have a prodigy on your hands, call the team from Bill Jones Music in Knoxville. Bill Jones Music proudly offers the worlds’ best music program for kids from three to seven. Learning how to read music and play by ear, students who enroll in the Yamaha Music School also learn how to play in an ensemble, write music, and learn harmony and theory. The Yamaha Music School is challenging and fun.

Group Knoxville Piano Lessons

Playing with a group is one of the best ways to encourage your kids to play well with others. If you have a son who is a handful and always the class clown, call Bill Jones Music in Knoxville or Bill Jones Music in Chattanooga. Chances are group Knoxville Piano Lessons are just what your overzealous 10-year-old needs to corral some of that loveable but over the top energy.

Private Knoxville Piano Lessons

If your child shows true promise and would like to move away from group Knoxville Piano Lessons, talk to Bill Jones Music in Knoxville or Bill Jones Music in Chattanooga about private Knoxville Piano Lessons.

The teaching staff from Bill Jones is equipped to teach anyone how to play the piano. With private Knoxville Piano Lessons, your 8-year-old daughter will excel more quickly. Best of all, she can practice in private at the Bill Jones Knoxville rehearsal facilities. Open 24/7, your daughter can practice any time of the day or night.

When it comes to Knoxville Piano Lessons, you won’t do better than Bill Jones. Call for class schedule today.

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