Knoxville Piano Lessons For Troubled Teens

Knoxville Piano Lessons are perfect for your fidgety four year old or your out of control teenager. When you sign your son or daughter up for music lessons in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee, you will be amazed at the change in attitude, and best of all music lessons are something that your kids can take with them for the rest of their lives.

Bill Jones Music in Knoxville has been teaching people of all ages how to play an instrument, but it’s much more than Knoxville Piano Lessons. Bill Jones Music in Knoxville also offers drum and trumpet lessons. If your son or daughter doesn’t want to take Knoxville Piano Lessons how about violin, viola, cello or bass lessons. You can even sign your kids up for private voice, harp, ukulele or flute lessons.

Learning how to play an instrument helps in all areas and if you have been following the Bill Jones blog, you will know that learning how to play the guitar or banjo can have positive effects making your children more well rounded.

Dexterity and Coordination

According to recent studies, Knoxville Piano Lessons and other types of music lessons will improve your child’s dexterity and coordination. Piano lessons can also boost confidence while keeping them busy. As most parents know, idle hands can start trouble, especially when it comes to teenagers.

Higher Test Scores

Kids who take music lessons score higher on spatial cognitive development and standard tests. Taking lessons will also help your children transition into a more formal learning situation. Research is also indicating that kids who take Knoxville Piano Lessons score higher in math, especially when it comes to fractions and ratios.

Self Esteem

Learning how to play a song on the piano when taking Knoxville Piano Lessons can boost self-confidence, especially when it comes to recital time. Piano lessons help children learn how to develop a positive attitude when faced with difficult tasks. Mastering a new skill is something that takes patience and can help kids approach certain tasks with a new felt confidence instead of becoming frustrated or discouraged.

This autumn show your kids how much you care and talk to the professionals from Bill Jones Music in Knoxville about music lessons. You will be amazed at how different their attitudes will be.

Call or click and schedule Knoxville Piano Lessons for your kids today.

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