Knoxville Piano Lessons for Kids

Knoxville Piano Lessons can be started all year round, but now that fall is just around the corner and the kids will be going back to school, you may want to consider Knoxville Piano Lessons for your son or daughter.

Most people are aware that some schools have cut out all programs that pertain to the arts, and that includes music. If your kids are fortunate to have an arts program, get involved and sign your kids up for group or private Knoxville Piano Lessons from Bill Jones Music in Knoxville. Having those extra lessons will help your son or daughter become proficient at the keyboard. Other things that you may want to consider when you sign your kids up for Knoxville Piano Lessons include:

Buy or rent a piano

Although you and your children will have access to pianos at the Bill Jones Music practice studio, you may want to talk to Bill Jones Music in Knoxville or Bill Jones Music in Chattanooga about buying or renting a piano so that your child can progress after school and between lessons.

Piano Placement

Make sure that you put the piano in a place that doesn’t have a TV or in a room that isn’t lonely. Two of the biggest reasons kids don’t practice is because of the location of the piano. Putting the instrument in a place that everyone uses will encourage more practice time.

The Piano Bench

Buy a piano bench that is adjustable, as you will want the piano stool to grow with your child. You want to make sure that the piano chair, bench, or stool that you purchase is comfortable allowing your son or daughter maximum ease and comfort when sitting at the keys.

Know the Alphabet

Although the notes will not usually be explained in the first piano lesson, make sure that your kids know the alphabet from A to G. If your son or daughter learns to understand the musical alphabet, ABCDEFG it will save on lesson time.

The Clef Family

Show your kids the bass and the treble clef and explain that the bass clef is for the low notes and the treble for the high notes. Although it is just a symbol, the more familiar you and your child are with the symbols the easier it will be when it comes to Knoxville Piano Lessons. If you have no idea what the symbols are or look like, Google it.

This year start something new and sign your kids up for Knoxville Piano Lessons from Bill Jones Music.

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