Knoxville Music Lessons this Fall

Knoxville music lessons could be the answer to your prayers, especially if you are dreading the end of summer. You may be glad that your kids are going back to school, even celebrating with a little dance all to yourself, but what happens after school, especially if your son or daughter isn’t interested in after school activities.

Not all kids are sports minded, and if yours fall into that category, you may want to consider Knoxville music lessons from Bill Jones Music in Knoxville. Bill Jones Music is the oldest and most established school in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee and has taught hundreds, if not thousands, of people of all ages how to play an instrument. Knoxville music lessons have helped fidgety kids and troubled teens learn something new with skills they didn’t know they had.

The Knoxville music lessons teachers are trained to provide everyone with the gift of music, even newborns with the Music Together program. Children from birth are welcomed with families to participate in this amazing program that helps infants, and their parents learn how to develop a musical capacity almost from the time they have left the womb.

Music is more than voices and instruments. Its movement and rhythm that molds and inspires young minds developing an inner love of music the minute they are exposed.

If your children have shown more than a passing interest in the guitar, violin or piano call and talk to the team from Bill Jones Music about Knoxville music lessons. Knoxville music lessons can help turn those natural talents into a love of music and a skill that he or she will use for the rest of their lives.

When Knoxville music lessons are encouraged, people of all ages enjoy the entire experience, from the lessons themselves, to the yearly recital. Even practice is enjoyable when you or someone you love signs up for Knoxville music lessons. Bill Jones Music in Knoxville has fully equipped teaching and practice studios where you can come and go as you please whether you need to practice and 2 in the morning or 4 in the afternoon.

Fall enrollment for private and group Knoxville music lessons from Bill Jones Music in Knoxville is coming soon and if you want to encourage your kid’s musical talents, or your own, call or click and talk to a team member about Knoxville music lessons from Bill Jones Music in Knoxville today.

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