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Knoxville Music Lessons could be just what your budding violin virtuoso needs, especially if music classes were cut from the curriculum. Unfortunately, most public schools in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee are getting rid of the arts, giving kids in the area no place to excel in music.

Bill Jones Music School recommends renting a violin before purchase when you sign your family up for Knoxville violin lessons. Beginners are able to get a feel for the proper size before committing to the purchase of a brand new or used violin. Saving money on a cheaper brand can deter your child from learning, especially if it is difficult to play. Remember, you get what you pay for, and that is certainly the case with a violin, or any instrument for that matter.

The Bill Jones Music School in Knoxville has been helping kids reach their potential with Knoxville Music Lessons for every instrument, including the violin. The trained teaching staff from the Bill Jones Music School in Knoxville and the Bill Jones Music School in Chattanooga has the skills to give your kids the opportunity to learn how to play any instrument from the guitar to the drums. If your son or daughter has always shown a more than usual interest in the flute, trumpet, cello, ukulele, bass, piano or harp, Bill Jones Music is the only music facility in Knoxville to consider.

If your offspring need an instrument for Knoxville Music Lessons, Bill Jones has you covered with the best prices on violins, pianos, flutes and much more. If that drum set is something your son has been hinting about for months, now is the time with great prices on new and used instruments. Bill Jones Music in Knoxville and Bill Jones Music in Chattanooga have the best selection in East Tennessee for name brand instruments for Knoxville Music Lessons that you and your family can depend on.

The Ukulele is a great way to introduce your smaller than average son or daughter to a stringed instrument. Bill Jones Music in Knoxville and Bill Jones Music in Chattanooga carry the Kala line of Ukulele’s for every budget. Known for the sound quality, finishes, and woods, a new Ukulele is bound to please your budding ukulele star.

Give your family a new start in 2018 with affordable Knoxville Music Lessons from Bill Jones Music in Knoxville and Bill Jones Music in Chattanooga.

Even if music isn’t part of the school curriculum, your kids can still learn how to play an instrument. Call or click for more information regarding private or group Knoxville Music Lessons today.

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