Knoxville Music Lessons Can Help Development

Knoxville Music Lessons are more important than you know, especially when it comes to your child’s development.

According to Bill Jones Music in Knoxville, music lessons can help your kids benefit in other ways whether you sign your son or daughter up for violin lessons, or want to enroll your child in private flute lessons. Bill Jones Music in Knoxville provides the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee with the best teachers and facilities and understands the importance of music.

Below are 10 reasons why you should sign your kids up for music lessons from Bill Jones Music in Knoxville.

  1. Boys and girls who take Knoxville Music Lessons tend to have better reading skills and much larger vocabularies than kids who do not take Knoxville Music Lessons.
  2. Children who have dyslexia or learning disabilities can benefit from Knoxville Music Lessons as most have a tendency to lose focus and have a hard time concentrating.
  3. Although music programs are always in danger of cuts, with hundreds of schools cutting budgets, your kids can still participate when you sign them up for Knoxville Music Lessons from Bill Jones Music in Knoxville.
  4. Boys and girls who learn how to play an instrument are more apt to excel in all school studies including mathematics. Kids who take Knoxville Music Lessons get along better as a team, have excellent critical thinking skills, pursue further education, and stay in school.
  5. Secondary students who participate in music at school and take Knoxville Music Lessons are more apt to stay away from alcohol, tobacco, and drugs.
  6. Schools that have music programs have a graduation rate of about 90.2 percent with an attendance rate of 93.9 percent compared to schools that do not have music education programs.
  7. In a recent study, third graders who participated in music programs score higher on spelling and reading exams.
  8. A Stanford study showed that musical activities engaged the brain including updating memory, making predictions and paying attention.
  9. Young children who enroll in music lessons have better memories and different brain development over 12 months compared to kids who did not have Knoxville Music Lessons.
  10. Enrolling your kids in music lessons really can make a difference. Music improves motor skills and can help cognitive behavior.

If you want to help your child become a more well rounded adult, call and talk to a team member from Bill Jones Music in Knoxville about Knoxville Music Lessons. Call for a Knoxville Music Lessons schedule today.

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