Fall Knoxville Piano Lessons and More

Knoxville Piano Lessons this fall could be the answer to your prayers, especially if you find some extra time on your hands. You may have a new baby, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy private or group Knoxville Piano Lessons, better yet, talk to Bill Jones Music about the Music Together Classes and combine the two.

Introducing your child to Music

These days making music doesn’t seem as important with some folks choosing to listen instead of create. When you and your family are exposed to music together your young children will learn through meaningful interaction that is live and active. Music together explores all of the elements nurturing your childs natural musical talent.

When you sign up for Music Together from Bill Jones Music in Knoxville you can take the fun home with songbooks and recordings that you can practice at home. All, “Homework,” goes hand in hand with classroom experience making it easy and fun for the whole family.

Before Baby

If you are expecting call Bill Jones Music in Knoxville. Your unborn baby is responsive even before birth and will enjoy and embrace the music before making his or her way into the world.

Group and Private Lessons

You can take Knoxville Piano Lessons from the comfort of your own home or have your partner look after your newborn when you are at the Bill Jones Music Knoxville Piano Lessons teaching studios. After your lesson take the family along to enjoy the Music Together classes in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee.

Bill Jones Music in Knoxville is more than Knoxville Piano Lessons. The talented teaching staff can teach you or a member of your family how to play the cello, violin or stand-up bass. Sign your partner up for trumpet or flute lessons and your little orchestra will be well on its way to impressing everyone at the next recital at the Bill Jones Music recital and performance hall.

Bill Jones Music in Knoxville can also help you learn how to play the trumpet, harp or ukulele. If you have always wanted to sing, call and talk to a team member from the Bill Jones Music School in Knoxville about private or group singing lessons and get ready to show off your hidden talents.

If you would like more information about Knoxville Piano Lessons, or any other type of music lessons, call or click and talk to Bill Jones Music in Knoxville today.

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