Bill Jones

I came to Knoxville in 1973 to open a Piano & Organ retail business after my previous employer went out of business with no notice. Hoping this small business would support my family until a real job could be found, no one is more surprised than I am that this humble endeavor haslasted for 43 years.

Over the years we have had to reinvent ourselves several times. We started in the 70’s selling only pianos and home organs. Today the home organ business is long gone, but we still sell Yamaha pianos, Allen Church organs, Yamaha digital keyboards, Violins, cello’s, Guitars and accessories. Our biggest new expansion started 3 years ago as we became a certified Yamaha Music school which now occupies about 80% of our time and energy. My wife Marjorie runs the school on the lower floor of our building.

We currently operate a full service retail store and music school in Knoxville, with a retail store in Chattanooga and an office in Nashville that specializes in Allen Church Organs. Future plans focus on the expansion of our Music School in all of the markets we represent.

On a personal note, Marjorie and I have been married 46 years, have 8 adult children, 22 grand children and one dog. Pretty much everyone except the dog plays some type of music instrument.

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Marjorie Jones

Marjorie and Bill have been married for over 47 years.  After the eight children were grown, Marjorie joined the company on a full time basis, first as a manager of one of our subsidiary businesses, then moving to our main business to become director of our (then new) Music School.

Starting from nothing, Marjorie has built one of the best run music schools in the area.  With a team of 16 Master and Doctorate degreed teachers and growing,  Marjorie manages the growth of our Private and Group piano and keyboard lessons, Music Together pre-school classes, Guitar, Violin, Cello and string lessons as well as our ever popular Home School Music Choir.

With so many teachers and with each student having a different personality one of Marjories main responsibilities is to be sure each student is matched up with the right teacher for optimum success.   She also handles rental and sizing of instruments for the students

Feel free to stop by anytime and she’ll give you a tour of our school and show you how we can help you or your child experience the joy of Music.  She can also discuss many of our various rental options that can keep a students costs low while the learning process.

On a more personal note, Marjorie took up Violin just 2 years ago which has brought her a lot of satisfaction along with helping her to better emphasis with our Adult students.


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Daniel Owens

Daniel started piano lessons at the age of 4 and has never known a life without music. His first piano teacher, Teresa Husky of Seymour, TN, not only gave Daniel the foundation of music, but also showed him how to “Love” music. When he was 11, Daniel won 1st place in a 4-H talent competition in every age group and category. This win really gave him the confidence to improve and to learn even more.

While a student a Seymour High School, Daniel taught himself how to play numerous instruments including saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, baritone, French horn, mellophone & percussion. Within weeks of first picking up the baritone, he placed in All State East making 2nd chair.

At the age of 14, he attended Meadow View Baptist Church as a visitor during their Annual VBS. While all the little kids were outside playing in the bounce houses, Daniel went into the Sanctuary and started playing the piano. The Pastor listened and offered the Head Pianist job to him. He was officially voted in unanimously. He remained Head Pianist for 12 years until he took a job that required him to work on Sundays.

Over the past 25 years, Daniel has studied with some of the best pianists in the area, including Donald Brown, Jeff Stice, Sharon Moore, and Lynn Montgomery. Daniel has performed at Dollywood, Knox Expo Center, and many local churches & schools. 

On March 3rd, 2015, Daniel began working at Bill Jones Music as Piano Sales & Online Marketing.  He is also the Online Sales Director and coordinates our website on a day to day basis. He loves every moment doing what he has trained to do, and it is a prayer answered.  

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Patti Kesterson

Patti Kesterson’s  path to the pinnacle started at age 18 – the youngest manager of a free-standing music store.

From there she went on to cut her first album-singing and playing music at age 26.  She went from Miami, Florida to all over the world including entertaining our troops.

Patti.s penchant for being a Sales “ listener” different from all the Sales “talkers”, enabled her to be the first professional to break the Million Dollar Sales barrier (non-institutional}.

“I ask the right questions to get to understand the needs of my buyer.  No one leaves feeling unhappy or SOLD.”

Respect and caring are her buzzwords.

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Barbara Hall

Barbara is in her second career, having retired from Oak Ridge National Laboratory after 40 years in accounting. She attended Maryville College on a Voice Scholarship and through the years has had extensive vocal training.

She started piano lessons when she was six years old and now plays piano for her church. She also directs the Bell Choir and does vocal specials periodically.

She says this is her “Dream Job”, being able to work with all the music. Growing up one of her favorite things to do was to go to the music store with her Mother and buy new music. She is also a people person and loves meeting and helping the customers.

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Katrina Duval

Katrina is working on her completion of a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Music. She loves playing piano & learning new songs on her ukulele. Katrina really REALLY enjoys large cups of coffee & watching Neflix in her spare time.

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